Beet is Not Suck

Oh my… Are these legitimately overenthusiastic customer comments? Or just shameless shilling by the ownership/staff of Beet Thai? It’s so hard to tell anymore… Please… turn on your “fake customer radar” and let us know what you see. (These comments originally appeared on the “Park Slope Restaurants That Suck” post.)

1. “I do not think Beet is suck. Food is quality. Fair Price. Nice presentation and nice waitstaff. I pass by everyday in the evening. Beet is always crowded.
Posted by: Kenneth | December 18, 2005 03:14 AM”

2. “I do not think Beet is suck, either. I have tried several thai restuarants in park slope, and I found that BEET THAI restaurant is the BEST. Their tasty food makes me hungry at all time. They have great services and friendly wait staff. I love the decor; it brings its’ brightness to the customers. BEET THAI is definitely a ROMANTIC restuarant to dine in w/ friends and family. FAIR PRICES!!!
Posted by: Tony | December 30, 2005 01:17 PM”

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  1. Daily Slope,
    Do not allege people. Please respect the people who made the comments. Do not pick on the comments which you do not like and create the issue. I still insist that I am not a part of them.

  2. I live near by Beet. It is always crowded every night. I try them twice. I think Beet offers the good food under $20. I do not think the comments are fake. Please, respect them.

  3. Very disappointed with all the comments on this post from “different people” who are all posting from addresses known to be used by spammers: found on service found on service found on service found on service

    What’s going on here?

    PS. I tend to believe Kenneth who “still insists” he is not part of them.

  4. I’ve tried beet once. And while the FAIR PRICES are a small draw, there are many other Thai restaraunts much better in ordering distance (the new one next to the german place), Thai Sky.

    Anyway, it’s got to be a member of staff. Whenever we walk past, my boyfriend always has to say, FAIR PRICES!

  5. These comments are so obviously from a member of the staff (the good ones at least). How do I know?

    I live right by FAIR PRICES BEET! and I’ve gone there several times and have NEVER found “nice waitstaff” or “friendly waitstaff” but only- ALL YOUR WAITSTAFF ARE BELONG TO SUCK!

    The BEET! waitstaff doesn’t seem to know how to smile or say say thank you or even know that it’s not “friendly” or “nice” to leave your customers sitting in a not-full restaurant for 15 mins waiting to be servered as you chat at the host podium with your colleagues.

    I still like Thai Rice and even though they are behind the new Thai restaurant next to the Austrian place it’s not as good as the original.

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