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How to Get Past a Park Slope Co-op Board

Big Sale Rose

Originally uploaded by cbonney.

Dress in a suit.

Keep calm.

Speak when spoken to.

Don’t volunteer too much.

Be yourself (unless you are a dog-breeding rock star).

Small co-ops: be enthusiastic about helping with the chores (garbage, cleaning, etc.)

Prepare to be asked about your job, finances, large credit card balances, or other liabilities.

Don’t lie outright, but of course, you don’t like loud parties, being awake after 8:00pm, doing construction ever, or even walking in shoes in your place.

Thanks to Jamzer posting in the Park Slope Message Boards

The Slope goes Greek (or is it Roman?)

A new addition to the Eighth Avenue streetscape popped up over the past month or so. costas large The building, located at Eighth and Union, recently had a brownstone rehab… is this what happens to

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the leftover concrete? Does anyone have any idea who this “Costas” person is? The property records show the owner of the lot as Barbara Capozzi. View additional photo 1 View additional photo 2

“Dumpkin” Attack: SUV on 3rd St.

William from the lowercase L blog writes to Daily Slope:

“My friend Shana and I were walking down 3rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues … and when we saw this SUV, we just couldn’t believe our eyes. Someone had smashed a pumpkin on the windshield and hood. And out of the hollowed pumpkin spilt a load of dog shit.

We wondered what could the owner of this automobile have done to deserve a “dumpkin”?

The photo was taken with Shana’s mobile phone cam, so forgive the quality. Ironically, she is a photographer for Corbis.

View if you dare: Smashing Dumpkins on Flickr

Best Brooklyn Blogs of 2005

The Hanged Man

Originally uploaded by Dope on the Slope.

Up over at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.

“Best name for a Brooklyn Blog” goes to Dope on the Slope, who recently snapped this picture of The Hanged Man, an “odd illusion (I hope) at the intersection of Union and Prospect Park West.”

Other winners include Brownstoner and Curbed, which of course need no introduction; Aaron Naparstek, who is unstoppable, even by bollards; Dope and A Brooklyn Life both have an incredible eye and we can only hope they double their Brooklyn blogging efforts in 2006. Callalillie needs an agent, right now, if she doesn’t already have one, and F Train has been impressive for a long while. B61 Productions really “gets it” and we really hope for big things from that site 2006. Etc…

Excuse Me, But You’re (Allegedly) Masturbating on the (Alleged) Q Train

From a comment e-mailed by an unregistered user of the Message Boards:

On Thursday 12/29 at 10:35am, I ran into a subway masturbator on the Q train going over the Manhattan bridge… ”

“I decided that I could disarm him by yelling at him, so as we went over the bridge, I said loudly something along the lines of “Excuse ME, but if you think I can’t tell that YOU’RE MASTURBATING, you’re wrong, and in case you’re too dumb to have noticed, I just took two pictures of you with my cameraphone, which I will show to the police…”

“… When the doors opened at DeKalb, he ran off, and I and another woman went off looking for the police. … I gave my description and showed my crappy, blurry photo and everything, but (the NYPD) didn’t even take my name so I don’t think they were intending to look for him.”

“That’s too bad, because my guess would be that the guy does this a lot. Why else would he be carrying so many napkins around? (Yuck.)”

Read description (black leather attache case??) and more grisly details in the Message Boards