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Another Electrocution: How Many Dogs Will Die? Are Your Children Next?

moufaisbad writes: “It has been happening a lot all around the city… My gf had to call 911 the other day for a woman and her dog who got shocked. so really, this warning is for everyone not even just people with dogs. That dog could have been a toddler… Con Ed is doing work over on Underhill near Park(ish). I am staying away from metal as much as possible until the ground dries out.”

stacey writes: “The scariest part is that it was NOT on a piece of metal – it was on the sidewalk where a light post used to be. The snow seeped into the cracks on the sidewalk and that caused the electrocution.”

“I do have a question if it was a stroller wouldn’t the rubber wheels have deflected (not sure if that is the right work) the electricity?”

Discussion 1: Prospect Heights Message Boards

Ben writes: “… this wasn’t some little 10lb dog, it was as big as a small child. It easily could have been a child …

“This is the second dog killed by stray voltage in the past two months… I urge anyone with concerns to contact your local councilmen/women, community board leaders, Bloomberg, ConEd, and anyone else who will listen. This problem needs to be fixed ASAP before more dogs and even people are seriously injured or killed.”

Discussion 2: Park Slope Message Boards

LINK: Dog Electrocuted On Park Slope Sidewalk [WCBS-TV]
Broadband Video on NY1: Click here.

Regina’s Bakery on 7th Ave.: Closing…

Looks like this bakery (actually… not much actually got baked there… “baked goods reseller?”) is leaving 7th Ave.

Judging from comments on the Park Slope Message Boards people are going to miss Reggie, the big ginger cat who liked to be scratched on the head much more than the baked goods, which always seemed a bit pedestrian, and were “no different than what you could get at Key Food or any other chain grocery store,” according to Daniel.

What’s on deck for this prime bit of Park Slope retail space? Another high-end boutique selling neoprene wine carriers and letter-pressed cards? Another Brooklyn Industries?

Place your bets… Park Slope Message Boards

Blizzard 2006: Cool or Uncool?

Blizzard 2006

Originally uploaded by martha1arlene.

Super Cool: 86%
So Not Cool: 16%

Click here to view current poll status (and comments) in the Prospect Heights Message Boards:

daniel: “Cool…except when you can’t get a taxi home to Brooklyn from the city. Bastard taxi drivers, one after the other, denied us a ride. One, after we were already in the cab, suggested that we take a subway instead. I caxlled 311 with their medallion numbers, but was told that they wouldn’t do anything unless I was willing to appear in court. Lame.”

nybt: “Who’s got the over/under on the number of days ’til the snow is gone?! Not consulting any weather info, i’m going with 4 days ’til bare sidewalks…”

VOTE: Prospect Heights Message Boards

Famed Costas bust goes missing

Distaster strikes the Slope. Our embedded correspondents report that the famed Costas statue (featured below) was removed – or stolen – last night. We’re led to believe it was theft by the

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gift. I was surprised to see it there myself.” Asked if the bust will remain, she replies “I’ll probably move it out to a house I have on Long Island. But it’s a delicate situation, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.” We’ll miss ya, Costas.