Regina’s Bakery on 7th Ave.: Closing…

Looks like this bakery (actually… not much actually got baked there… “baked goods reseller?”) is leaving 7th Ave.

Judging from comments on the Park Slope Message Boards people are going to miss Reggie, the big ginger cat who liked to be scratched on the head much more than the baked goods, which always seemed a bit pedestrian, and were “no different than what you could get at Key Food or any other chain grocery store,” according to Daniel.

What’s on deck for this prime bit of Park Slope retail space? Another high-end boutique selling neoprene wine carriers and letter-pressed cards? Another Brooklyn Industries?

Place your bets… Park Slope Message Boards

2 Replies to “Regina’s Bakery on 7th Ave.: Closing…”

  1. To judge from Daniel’s comment, I guess the baked goods at Key Food and other chain grocers have gotten better from 10 years ago. I used to love getting the two little cookies dipped in chocolate at the one end, with rasberry jelly in between, when doing our laundry on Union Street, opposite the PS Food Co-op. The cat was nice, too. As for the PS of 2008, glad I have no cause to endure the pervasive mommystroller sidewalk facism and yuppie douchebags it has become a home to. Drown or burn, just post the pics at

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