Skin Color and The Slope

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N. Slope Princess writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“Am I the only ‘woman of color’ in the Slope who’s not a nanny or a maid?”

“A friend of mine recently said that I’m a ‘sellout’ for choosing to live in Park Slope and asked me if I notice that there are no other non-whites. I actually haven’t noticed. Is this true?”

“I’ve lived here for about 3 or 4 years but I’ve been very busy so I haven’t really stopped and taken note of the color of people’s skins.”

steve replies: “Didn’t spike lee make 3 movies about this? It sounds like your friend is using the same silly arguement about keeping it real that people have been using to backup their class jealousy for years. Live where you want. I know the Slope works for me, and I’m very happy about that.”

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3 Replies to “Skin Color and The Slope”

  1. “Am I the only ‘woman of color’ in the Slope who’s not a nanny or a maid?”
    LMAO! No you’re not! LOL. The sad part of that is, the Black nanny’s look at you and I as though we’re snobs – because of where we live. They have a downright attitude about it; not all but quite a few of them.

    In regards to you (or any black person) being a “sell out”,your friend needs to get a FIRM GRIP on reality or just stfup! I’m a 25 year old Black-WestIndian who’s lived in the Slope since 1987. Back then there were probably 5 families of color in an 8 block radius, but that was the prime opportunity for me to form realtionships with other unlike myself.

  2. the whites in parkslope are the best whites in the country i think. but what i cant stand are the new middle america types coming in with bland culture……….it gets me sick……………im African American… the way FYI african americans been in brooklyn since the dutch were in control… peace

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