“My Boyfriend Gave Me Bedbugs”

Are Brooklyn bedbugs close to achieving STD status? Infestations have been rampant throughout New York over the past year or two, and there are few other parasitic “infections” that are so persistent.

Crabs?? Come on… A quick shave and some 1% permethrin shampoo will take care of that. And forget herpes… nothing says “forever” like a Cimex lectularius colony setting down roots in your brand-new Tempur-Pedic pillowtop bed set. Oh… and those critters feast on human blood. You knew that, right?

The latest evidence on the Park Slope Message Board suggests that bedbugs are becoming the bedroom plague that yields to no prophylactic. idealist writes:

“My boyfriend had bedbugs at his apartment in Prospect Heights and I think he’s brought them over to my apartment. It could just be paranoia, but I am analyzing every black/brown piece of dust, etc. on my bed.”

“I stayed at his place before he realized he had bedbugs, and I got bitten really badly. 3-4 big welts that hurt for days. Yesterday I woke up with a tiny welt on my arm, and freaked out….”

“My boyfriend’s exterminator said that there had been a lot of bed bug incidents on 8th ave…”

How the *^%$# do you get rid of these things? … By reading the Park Slope Message Board

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