City Fines for Leafy Sidewalks

Poor Guest. The post “I Am Not Messy” on the slope boards raised some blood pressure and concerns for the locals. Apparently, having some leaves and a candy wrapper on your sidewalk earns you a ticket– despite how windy it was last weekend when the trash mingled its way over to your property line.

The people living off of 5th ave. are cranked after their whole block got ticketed. And it doesn’t stop there. Marie says,” It’s a ridiculous scam and a ticketing blitz to meet their f#%$ing quotas. Check out this very recent article (10/23) about the Dept. of Sanitation scam in Bensonhurst…Fight it and cite their quota system!!”

Have you been ticketed? Did you fight and win?.”
Get a word in, edgewise, on the boards.

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