Just Another Angry Rant about Out-of-Control Children?

brooklynpotter writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “I know we’ve talked this one to death, but over a lunch filled with with super antsy children at the next table, my friend and i started sharing war stories

–sitting in the park enjoying a lovely day and having kids with kites start running by my blanket. one kid dragged his kite across my blanket twice, thwapping me on the face in the process. barely an apology from the moms.

–sitting at the tea lounge, there were two children running by who smashed my friend’s lunch onto the floor with their fists. my friend approached the mom, who then told her that she should know better than to leave her lunch on the edge of the table. then refused to buy her a new lunch. she went to talk to the manager, and he wouldn’t give her a new lunch either. her lunch was a bagel

–having pizza at an upper scale restaurant over the holidays, my friend watched a child pull down an entire christmas display, wreaths and lights, and when the manager came over the mom look at him and shrugged and said in some snotty voice, something like ‘what do you expect me to do about it?’

eating brunch outdoors in north slope and sitting near a family with children would wouldn’t sit in their seat, children who were running around and bothering patrons. the child even KICKED some other patrons, and when my friend approached the mother she got the same response as above. (though once the kid kicked the manager, he asked them to leave)

i refuse to believe it’s only park slope children, because i know some who are really nice. regardless, why is this acceptable?

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  1. Why are you only blaming the mothers? Maybe if some fathers got involved, got responsible, kids wouldn’t be such brats.

  2. What kind of person repeatedly post grievances about ways they’ve been wronged by children? Take these stories with an enormous grain of salt, if at all.

  3. Angry rants about children are just too funny. Yes, other people’s kids can be annoying, especially when they bring pop the invisible bubble that adults all too often create around themselves. But they are kids!!

  4. kids should not be concieved unless they will be properly managed by mother, father, guardian, etc. most of these miserable characters will grow to be the ones who park their carts in the middle of the grocery store isle or fail to turn off their cell phone at the theatre. it is a learned condition and sadly, the only cure is to take as much as you can before retiring to the country miles away from any opportunity to have your patience tested again.

  5. It’s never acceptable for children to behave in that fashion and shame on the parents for not taking control or responsibility. What do they think is going to happen when these kids go to school or get a job someday? They have absolutely no regard for others and think everything revolves around their wants and needs.
    Can you imagine these kids as teenagers? If you think they’re bad now, picture them in 12 years.
    Why people bother to have children and not help them learn to be responsible people that others will want to be around is beyond me.
    I had a friend who’s kids were like this and one kicked me in the shin for sitting in his seat after he left the table (he was 5 years old). I do have to tell you that I carefully grabbed him by his collar and forced him to look me in the eye when I spoke to him. I asked him how it would feel if someone did that to him and then I promised him that if he did it again I would kick him back. I made him repeat what I said and why I said it. And that alone set him in his place that he would not mess with me again because I would just give him that look when he was thinking of doing something obnoxious and he stopped every time.
    Kids need limits and boundries. They want to know what is expected of them and that there will be consequences for misbehavior.
    Just plain and simple.
    They’ll be much happier human beings and the same will be said for all they encounter. You love your chile but you don’t have to be your child’s friend…….just their parent.

  6. The next time the kid acts up smack the parent! It is unbelieveable how many spoiled brats are in this neighborhood.They grow up with a sense of entitlement because their parents overpayed on the properties thay bought.

  7. I MUST put my 10 cents in…I can’t take the obnoxious kids who can yell, push, scream, rant and rave and all the parents do is stand around saying isn’t that cute and not stopping such abhorant behaviour. I am tired of hearing well they are acting like a 2 year old should act. Well why are you lettting your 2 year old run up and down the block (and for that matter the halls of your building) screaming, crying and more? Why is this ok? I don’t find it cute, I don’t find your kids cute. How would you like it if I had a screaming match with someone in the hallways at 3am? you wouldn’t…so then what’s the difference? your parents didn’t let you do this, why do you let your kids do it? not ok

  8. As a first time mom (due next month), I side with those that are complaining about kids’ crappy behavior. Kids are kids, but public places are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and if kids can’t cope/behave, the parents need to reel them in or stay home with their kids/take them home if their kids aren’t behaving. Parents are the responsible parties here. I may be consigning myself to home for the next x years by saying this, but as someone who’s seen some unruly kids and (more annoying) jerky parents and the negative impact they create when they’re around, I am completely sympathetic with the complaints registered on this board so far…

  9. AMEN! I’m so tired of these little ankle biters and their passive/agressive parents who feel that the world needs to stop for them. OMG, they make me so ill. It’s like move your damn double stroller already lady. The worst is when you hae three -four mothers w/strollers and child on foot that all walk in a line. FOlks, this aint a Norman Rockwell painting, if your little Jimmy can not behave himself in public, then you might want to stick with the playdates at YOUR house!

  10. First – I am a Park Slope parent, though my son is now 16 (and a reasonable teen – I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but there are some. They do have their moments, though). My husband and I used to toss a coin to see who would take him to the 3rd St playground. It wasn’t the kids that bothered us – it was the self absorbed parents who seem to be unable to disclipline their kids. I never spanked my son but I sure as hell told him “no!” (and still do). And if he acted up in the playground, he was yanked out of the sandbox for a time out. Strike two meant he was taken home. As a result, I consistently get compliments on him as a young adult. We’re not here to be their best friend – you earn your “cool parent” status by teaching moral values and discipline. It ain’t easy but you’ll ultimately gain their respect – and that of your community.

  11. What cracks me up is that the angry people like MzSassy155 tend to be the kind of adults who exhibit the same, self-centered, “the world needs to stop for them” behavior. At least these are kids, what’s your excuse?

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