The future of Park Slope?

The New York City Department of Transportation is planning some major traffic changes to Park Slope streets. According to Community Board 6’s website, the changes include:

3 thoughts on “The future of Park Slope?

  1. Anon

    4th ave idea sounds great- I have a car in the Slope, and I don’t mind going a slower when I need to use it to have it look better and be more pedestrian friendly as I cross it every day leaving the subway.

    As to 4th and 6th being one way: this is a well-documented way to make streets less safe and less community-friendly, according to urban planning books such as Suburban Nation. It makes the cars go faster, and makes it more dangerous for walkers. Why would the city do this? There is no excuse. New York’s lack of pedestrian friendly areas is already shocking and ridiculous compared to European and many Latin American cities.

  2. Jo

    I love knowing that I can walk down 6th Avenue and not worry about getting run over, or sworn at for being in a crosswalk with the proper right of way.


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