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My fiancee and I recently moved to the neighborhood and our very sweet but shy King Charles Spaniel is in need of some socializing! He is 2, neutered and gets along best with other dogs who are quiet (he never barks) but enjoy playing with toys, chasing, etc. We’d love to get him together with a few other dogs with similar “temperaments” so he can become a little more outgoing.

We love taking him to Prospect Park early on weekend mornings, but it is a bit far for us to go every day (we’re on Bergen near 4th). Also, there are so many dogs there it can be overwhelming for him. I don’t know if there are any parks closer to us or another place where dogs can get together.

If anyone has a sweet, calm doggie who wants to make a new friend, let us know!!!!!!

Link: Small Dog Playgroup??

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