What’s the craze with this komboocha stuff?

benzapp writes: “It’s fermented tea. It’s expensive, tastes like crap, and claims to cure everything. Thus, it appeals to the rich and those addicted to Park Slopish consumer culture.”

“That said, it’s less than half the price at the food co-op if you really want the stuff.”

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3 Replies to “What’s the craze with this komboocha stuff?”

  1. That’s funny–ignorant, but funny. Kombucha was first studied in the 1920’s by some doctors researching why people in a certain area of Siberia had the regular poor diet of other Russians, but lived longer, healthier lives. So research was done. What these Siberians did was drink their own home-made brew they called “kvass”. It was reputed to originally come from China, but by the time the research was done, no one they interviewed remembered that. What they did remember was some kvass was always brewing in the kitchen. It’s kinda like a sour-dough starter, and it grows in bowls of sugared tea. The people in the area had the lowest cancer rates of anyone else in Russia at that time. A company called Synergy—[email protected]–makes it now, and they’ve added alot of different flavors. I like strawberry alot, but the grape is the best. Mixed with some diluted grape juice, to me it tastes like Nehi grape soda. Very refreshing on a hot day. People who have joint problems, or depressed immune systems have found great benefits from it. It is also reputed to be great for hang-overs. I’l thrilled the coop has it–you pay $2.62 there, as opposed to $4.00 elsewhere.

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  3. When will it be on the shelves again? I’m dying here! Miss it sooo much. It’s always made me feel so refreshed.

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