new fitness kickboxing gym in town!

Right near our area, in Carroll Gardens is this kickboxing gym called CKO Kickboxing (562 Court Street near West 9th and Garnet St). They are offering a free trial class to first time guests. I would definitely check it out! I became a member when they opened two weeks ago and i already have noticed a difference in my body! it’s an hour long class on a heavybag and they integrate pushups, squats, jumps, light weights, and abs. Its definitely a full body workout. They offer a kids program too for those parents who are interested!


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  1. Can you tell me what the cost is? I tried calling, but I have to go in to get a price quote. When you have small babies, that’s almost impossible to do. Sort of want to know before going and wasting my time if I should go or not.

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