Pit Bull for Adoption Bites Sloper, Accusations Ensue

Nepenthean relayed an unfortunate incident of being bitten by an up-for-adoption pit bull while walking by a Brooklyn Animal Foster Network station last week:

“As I walked by last Monday (Columbus Day), their pit bull lunged at me and bit my thigh. Their first response was suggesting it was my fault because I had a bag of groceries in my arm. They also said that was their sweetest dog. They delayed getting the person in charge (who was across the street), hoping I would just walk away. After I persisted they finally brought over the boss. She offered NO apology whatsoever, but tried to get me to sign a medical waiver! WTF??”

After much sympathizing and calling for lawsuits by other Park Slopers, the director of BAFN caught wind of the thread and offered their side of the story as well as a dissection of the original poster’s claims.  The forum played judge and jury to try to get to the bottom of what had transpired.

One thing that became clear is that however one judges BAFN’s reaction to this incident, everyone agrees that the animals in our midst that are up for adoption shouldn’t be the victims.  Get the whole story here: Park Slope Message Board – Dog Adoption Agency’s Pit Bull Bit Me :: Brooklynian.com

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  1. You know, the very same thing happened to me the other day. I was just walking by, playing my recorder, when all of a sudden out of now where, I saw a face full of teeth. I guess the dog didn’t like the tune I was playing. In an effort to protect my face, the dog bit my hand off and ran off with my recorder and hand. Description of recorder is purple and the hand was right handed with nicely trimmed fingernails with clear nail polish. I tried to talk to their boss about the hospital bills but he refuses to talk to me. Now I sit here with my nub and no recorder.

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