Barrio Does Bingo in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Somehow we missed the news that Barrio Restaurant now has a Bingo thing going on every Tuesday night at 6 pm (210 7th Avenue, corner of 3rd).  Hipsters and parents, take note of your respective “safe” times: there is a “Kids and Families” bingo at 6 pm, and Adult Bingo starting at 8PM, with prizes to include t-shirts, games, and “festive cocktails” (for the over 21 crowd).

Bingo isn’t new to Park Slope. There is a well-lit basement bingo parlor on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. At least one hipster bingo night seems to have faded into obscurity. And of late, we have been proud to play Palin Bingo, homegrown by madman, a regular on

At one point, bingo (More info) could be played for fun and profit, but the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGA), passed in 2006, essentially prevented online gambling in New York, so that’s certainly one factor that could be driving the occasional resurgence of bingo popularity in Park Slope.

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