Should You Reward a Good Report Card?

Last week was report card week, and parents in Park Slope were debating the age old question of how or if they should reward their children’s good report cards.  Do they give them cash prizes, a special dinner or a big smile and a pat on the back?  Naturally there are different schools of thought on this parenting issue.  Here are some excerpts from the discussion:

Testiculon: I use the good report card as an opportunity to tell my daughter how proud I am to be her Dad. I can tell from her face that that is a huge reward.”

xlizellx: i’m a public school teacher, and i would def. encourage parents to spend time with their kids as the reward rather than give them stuff.”

ringrunner: I gave them a coupon for 30 cents off a bag of chips

How do you reward your kids for a good report card?  Park Slope Message Board –

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