Methodist Hospital ER Earning Bad Grades

Gowanus Lounge just posted a couple of not-so-nice stories from Park Slope Parents about recent visits to the Methodist Hospital ER. This would come as no surprise to Carmen who posted about her trip to the ER in April:

…I was kind of mortified that the PA was pressuring me into treatment when the plastic surgeon told me I didn’t need them. He was very brief when speaking to me and didn’t look me in the eye once. He basically threw my paperwork at me and walked out the door, at which point I asusmed I was done and left.

While in discharge, I heard the woman next to me complaining that a nurse had said “no wonder you’re on so many pills” when she complained about the tightness of the ID bracelet. Is this place ALWAYS like this? I’m really considering writing a letter to the hospital about my experience (excellent with the plastic surgeon, but terrible with everyone else,) …

Have any experiences, good, bad, or ugly to share? Check them in here: Park Slope Message Board – Methodist hospital ER- not nice! ::

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  1. I’ve been there twice in the past month and everyone was not only extremely competent but also really, really nice. My only complaint was they kept the Emergency Room and patient rooms very, very cold.

  2. I had an emergency C-section at Methodist. I could write a BOOK on what an appalling experience it was. The nurses made fun of me…They told me not to flush the toilet, that the stool would be analyzed….Total fabrication! The nurses were busy with their card games, and were bothered to be interrupted by patients needing medication or attention. I had to beg for a blanket. They yelled at ME for getting blood on the sheets. If I didn’t die from the C-section, I could very well have died from the after-operation treatment I got!

  3. I read some time ago that Methodist has a very high ER error rate. does anyone have current information on this?

  4. Ok, I was born @ Methodist, as were all 3 of my children. I really do like this hospital although over the years , I’ve seen many changes and things going on. In regards to the hospital, I have been admitted and operated there more than a couple of times, the nurses were always good to me. I have no major complaints.
    However , the ER used to make me furious with their outrageous waiting times. Sometimes an entire day when other hospitals get you out of there in shorter time spans. Now that has improved, however…I had an experience there where my then 4 year old had 104 fever for two days because they kept on telling me she had the flu. Being that I felt differently I started to demand a blood test and was given ‘attitude’ that she merely had the flu and I was to wait it out. Well I told them I wanted a urine test or something done because something was wrong. He must of sent for the test to shut me up or something, all I know is once they took my child’s urine they learned that urine had blood in it. Turns out a major bladder infection that was seeping into the kidney. Now everybody is suddenly concerned with my daughter, I have people coming and asking me all different types of questions. The infection was bad, but I found myself wanting to curse this doctor out.
    He just marking her off as ‘the flu’ and ‘you just got to wait’ instead of taking a simple blood or urine test to make sure there was no infection beforehand, when they admitted my child into the hospital, I wanted to find that doctor and curse him out but his shift had ended and a new more competent Doctor was tending to my daughter.
    I’ve had both good and bad experiences at this hospital.

  5. My personal doctor told me to never go to Methodist — EVER. I had an incredibly terrible experience there. I have an artificial heart valve and had chest pains. I went to the ER — where I was told the wait time was at least 2 hours — even for someone with a heart condition.

    I called my cardiologist who told me to get to NYU’s hospital where I was immediately admitted with a small clot.

    And the staff at NYU’s hospital was kind, considerate and compassionate — which is more than I can say about the unprofessional staff at Methodist.

  6. my niece just had a bad fall and they put a cast on shoulder break . Next day her doc, took off and gave a sling.

    Last year my brother went in for pnomnia and never left hosital ,past away when a procedure went wrong.

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