Are Women Really the Main Demographic for Online Bingo?

Some people stereotype bingo as a “woman’s game” frequented by bored housewives and senior ladies. But recent surveys have revealed a perceptible shift in the trend, with more and more men gravitating online to play bingo. Undoubtedly, women still make up a large segment of people playing online bingo, and there are many women-centric online bingo sites on the web, but the fact is that the game’s popularity is on the rise among men.

At its most basic, bingo is an ideal and somewhat mindless release for anyone looking for relief from the daily grind. It’s easily accessible, and with cards priced as low as 10-25 cents, hours of entertainment can be had for relatively little money. The present uncertain economy; the ever-increasing internal and external competition on the job front that makes it a constant struggle to stay on top in chosen professions/careers; and the social demands and self-imposed personal expectations are just some of the things that have taken the term “survival of the fittest” to previously unknown heights. It’s also hardly surprising that more and more people today are suffering from acute stress or stress-related illnesses than ever before, and keenly pursue any outlet for the constant stress.

This need for stress-busting activities and simple fun is partly responsible for giving rise to the numbers of players turning to online bingo, which brings likeminded people together through chat rooms and forums. The main attraction of playing bingo online for many remains the potential to make money; mega and progressive jackpots offered by most of the established online bingo sites can be quite high. online bingo halls are just a mouse-click away, promising relief from the daily grind, entertainment, opportunities to meet people, and the chance to make some money.

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  1. That stereotype of bored housewives is not accurate. I love playing online bingo, and I’m a young girl who loves to have fun every day. The good thing about about bingo online is that you don’t have to drive to any place to play, one click and you’re there.

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