A Day in the Life of Two Park Slope Hipster-Yuppie Transplants

So Brooklyn hipsters are an easy target, and hating on them may be passe. But you have to admit–this xtranormal video is inspired, relevant, occasionally humorous … and a bit eerily familiar. Here’s an approximate and partial transcript of some highlights, below. Troll alert: some of the dialogue is deliberately inflammatory (duh).

Emily: Hey, Ethan. Funny running into you here on 7th Avenue in the middle of a weekday afternoon. Having chance encounters on the street with other hipster yuppie suburban rejects identical to myself is one of the main reasons I moved here to Park Slope. As for you, you must have already taken care of your 3 hours of freelance creative consulting this week, no?

Ethan: Yeah, you know how it is in the Slope, Emily. Just another day in the nabe, trying to make ends meet. But you know how it is, Emily. I mean, you’re from Brooklyn and all.

Emily: Oh yeah. I hear you, Ethan. Say Ethan, how are you planning to kill your gratuitious amounts of free time today? any suggestions on how to spend as much of my infinite leisure time and my parents’ 401k money as possible today in the nabe? I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Ethan: Actually, why don’t you head on over to Union Market. I hear they’ve just jacked up their prices yet again. You can stock up on some organic olives, rat-nibbled baguettes and goat cheese. That should easily run you a few hundred dollars, at least.

Emily: Sweet. That’s a great idea, Ethan. Now I remember why all we yups get along so well. We’re so much smarter than those Brooklyn natives …

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