For Once, Time Warner Cable Internet does NOT Suck

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Booklaw writes:

About a week ago I ordered a “wideband” internet upgrade from TWC. Yesterday, at two minutes before the end of the three-hour window they gave me for installation, the installer arrived. It took about half an hour of back and forth between the installer (who is not a TWC employee) and a TWC level 3 tech to get the new 30 mbps modem up and running.

It is blistering fast, between 2 to 3 times faster than my previous download speeds, and at least 10 times faster on uploads. The upgrade costs $20 per month over the regular Roadrunner service, plus a $20 installation fee.

At my request, the installer also swapped out my cable box, without charge. He was very pleasant and quite competent.

All of the phone, cable and satellite companies take a lot of grief from unhappy customers, so I thought I’d express my satisfaction (at least momentarily).

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