JUNK IN THE TRUNKS: Vagrants Living in Prospect Park “Tree Houses”

Rotten Tree House, Prospect Park

Anne-Katrin Titze writes in:

The wildlife habitat of Prospect Park is treated as if it were an abandoned lot –

Prospect Park Lake is used as a garbage dump by the Alliance/Parks and the lakeside as a sewer.
Everything left uncollected ends up in the lake, polluting further the already filthy, debris littered watercourse.

Alliance/Parks waits for rain, wind, snow, and the overflow of the lake to wash away garbage and human waste from the lakeside, into the lake.

Anne-Katrin told the Brooklyn Papers that these “tree people” have been using a dozen or more trunks and branches (on the east side of the lake, near the Tennis Center) for more than a month. They are shielding themselves and their things with sticks, cardboard, and plastic. She claims they’re leaving “junk in the trunks” and dirtying up the lake by using it for washing and cooking.


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2 thoughts on “JUNK IN THE TRUNKS: Vagrants Living in Prospect Park “Tree Houses”

  1. dailyslope Post author

    Update – Anne-Katrin follows up:

    Lake Urine, not one of the 5 Great Lakes –

    Rotten unhealthy trees are going to be cut down thanks to our notification on August 4 – 8 and again on January 5.

    Prospect Park Trees A Danger To Park-goers

    The trees are healthy, but are “reaching the end of their life cycle,” Paul Nelson, Alliance spokesman
    said on January 6, 2012. “This is the time of the year to do it.”

    The above statement could not be further from the truth.


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