The Walk-In Cookbook is a Store That Sells Groceries by the Recipe

Q&A with Filip Nuytemans, co-owner of the Walk-In Cookbook


Q: How is this different from a regular grocery?
We’re a specialty food store that sells groceries by the recipe. You can buy pre-portioned ingredients and cook them at home. Each recipe comes with a detailed instruction card that shows how to cook the meal step by step. The gist is: walk in, cook out.
This encourages people to cook by making it easy. It also cuts down on waste. Take cilantro, for example. You don’t have to buy a bouquet of cilantro to cook one meal, then have the rest wilt and go bad in the next few days. We sell just the right amount so you can cook a meal without much preparation or thought.
Q: Why Park Slope?
People around here are into food, just like us. Parents can buy meals to cook with their kids. Kids can cook for their parents. Couples can cook for themselves. We wanted to make cooking exciting–kind of an event to look forward to.
Q: Will you do delivery?
Once our website is fully functional, we’ll offer a subscription service that delivers meals to your doorstep every week. For $60 dollars, you would get three meals for two people. We will also do delivery services outside the subscription service, and recipes for larger cooking parties.
Q: Will the menu change over time?
We are looking to keep our recipes fresh and creative, changing them seasonally, in observance of certain holidays, and so forth. Currently we offer three vegetarian dishes, but we’d like to offer more.

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