Club Loco – Open January 26th, 2008 – Teen Rock Club in Park Slope

What is Club Loco?
Club Loco is a place for people ages 14–20 to meet, hang out, listen to music, and perform. Events take place one Saturday each month during the school year from 7:30-11:00 PM.

Where should I go?
Old First, Seventh Avenue, Between Carroll & President

Our next event is this coming Saturday night, January 26th & we’re looking for more teen bands to round out our 2007/2008 season
Click here for our event poster!

Who can come to Club Loco events?
Anyone age 14-20.

What do you need to get in?
$5 cover and a high school ID or a photo ID plus proof of age.

Can parents come too, just to watch and listen? No.

When are the next events?

Saturday, February 16

Saturday, March 15

Saturday, April 12

Saturday, May 17

How can other performers get a booking to appear at a future event?
Email [email protected]

Who is in charge?
A group of local teenagers with the oversight of a group of adults who live in the community. Teenagers decide what will happen; adults set the rules.

What are the rules?
No drugs, alcohol, smoking, or potential weapons (or anyone who appears to be using or about to use them) is allowed inside. Everyone who comes in the door gets a bag check, and a UV-readable hand stamp. Everybody has to check their coats. People who leave cannot re-enter. Good, friendly behavior is expected so that everyone can have a good time. One warning is all you get. Beyond that, have fun.

Who enforces the rules?
A paid security group and a bunch of young adult volunteers.

Who can volunteer?
Responsible adults who are too young to be parents of teenagers are encouraged to volunteer as chaperones during events, which are terrific fun. You get to hear the bands and enjoy the scene while helping younger people have a place of their own

Anyone is welcome to volunteer for setup, cleanup, or for administrative assistance between events.

For information, email [email protected]

See our website :

Club Loco – Performance Space for Teens

In operation since January 2007, Club Loco is a performance space for teen bands open only to youth, ages 14-20.
Supervised by young adult volunteers and a paid security guard, Club Loco operates one Saturday evening per month
during the school year, in a space off Seventh Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn..
Club Loco is sponsored by the Park Slope Civic Council and the Reformed Church in America as a service
to the community. We are a non profit.

Our next event is October 20th, 2007.
Click here for the poster for this event.

We are looking for additional publicity, volunteers AND donations to keep the space open and available to teenagers…

We’d be interested in having local businesses sponsor the club — it would only cost $350 to sponsor a single show date as the space
is donated and costs are relatively low.

This is a great opportunity for a business to get involved at the ground level with a local project which supports the artistic growth of
our own teens!

Please contact me at the attached email address with any leads, questions, suggestions …

[email protected]