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  1. Carolyn

    Hi! I’d love to get my company’s unique interactive workshop posted on this blog. It’s a really fun, different workshop that will appeal to all types of Brooklyn folks. In neighboring Windsor Terrace Y this Saturday! Thanks so much for your help! Here is the listing:

    Choose Your Own Reality Workshop, Saturday 1/14 3-5pm
    Remember those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books that allowed the reader to choose the protagonist’s next step? What if you could LIVE as that protagonist instead of just reading about someone else’s journey? What if life was one big live-action Choose-Your Own-Adventure? Led by the interactive performance ensemble Playing with Reality, this workshop begins with several exercises that create a safe, nonjudgmental space and teach the fundamentals of interactive improvisation. Workshop participants will then step into the role of the protagonist of personalized, improvised stories that they get to co-create on the spot. By remembering how we played make believe as kids, we can learn valuable, real-life lessons about the choices we make, the connections we nurture (or neglect), and the challenges we can ultimately overcome. For more information, please go to

    Saturday, January 14th, 3-5pm
    (and the 2nd Saturday of every month)
    Kings Bay Y at Windsor Terrace, 1224 Prospect Avenue (and Vanderbilt Street)
    $40 per person, $70 for a partner set
    To sign up, please contact Daniel or Nadira at 718-407-6377 or (please register by Saturday at noon)

  2. Nancy Liao

    Hi Daily Slope,

    Big fan of the website! Thanks for putting out such a great resource for us Brooklyn folks!
    My name is Nancy and I am a longtime Park Slope resident. I also make dog food. I’m hoping you might keep Zoe’s Premium™ in mind if you are looking for any small, local business, human interest stories for the Daily Slope.
    I started out an architect and ended up a small-batch dog food maker. But the journey from a midtown office to a Brooklyn-based commercial kitchen isn’t as non-linear as it may sound. It started innocently enough: My dog was itchy. I wanted to see if changing her diet would help. It turned into formulating a fully-cooked, complete and balanced meal made with equal parts knowledge and passion.

    Zoe’s Premium officially launched about 7 months ago, and we are currently in 23 retail locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, mostly independent pet stores, but also the Park Slope Food Coop. It’s been an exciting process and I hope you might want to hear a little more about it!
    We are on Facebook at and on Twitter with the handle @ZoesPremium.

    Have a great weekend!
    Best regards,
    Nancy Liao

    Because Dogs Are People Too™

    Director of Marketing
    Zoe’s Premium LLC
    237 Flatbush Avenue
    Suite #150
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718 608 6081 t / 718 608 6087 f

    Twitter / @ZoesPremium


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