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Just Another Angry Rant about Out-of-Control Children?

brooklynpotter writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “I know we’ve talked this one to death, but over a lunch filled with with super antsy children at the next table, my friend and i started sharing war stories

–sitting in the park enjoying a lovely day and having kids with kites start running by my blanket. one kid dragged his kite across my blanket twice, thwapping me on the face in the process. barely an apology from the moms.

–sitting at the tea lounge, there were two children running by who smashed my friend’s lunch onto the floor with their fists. my friend approached the mom, who then told her that she should know better than to leave her lunch on the edge of the table. then refused to buy her a new lunch. she went to talk to the manager, and he wouldn’t give her a new lunch either. her lunch was a bagel

–having pizza at an upper scale restaurant over the holidays, my friend watched a child pull down an entire christmas display, wreaths and lights, and when the manager came over the mom look at him and shrugged and said in some snotty voice, something like ‘what do you expect me to do about it?’

eating brunch outdoors in north slope and sitting near a family with children would wouldn’t sit in their seat, children who were running around and bothering patrons. the child even KICKED some other patrons, and when my friend approached the mother she got the same response as above. (though once the kid kicked the manager, he asked them to leave)

i refuse to believe it’s only park slope children, because i know some who are really nice. regardless, why is this acceptable?

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Noisy Co-Op Neighbor in Park Slope: How to Deal?

bkuser asks on the Park Slope Message Board: “… I’m awake right now not because of New Year’s Eve, but because my neighbor upstairs is blasting techno on his stereo system made too large for apartments of this size (and because of poor insulation between floors). I bought my co-op about 8 months ago, and slowly have come to realize the major noise issues…”

“I’ve been keeping a log of the times I’ve gone up to talk to the neighbor (after allowable hours) … It’s currently near 2:30 am and the techno is at full blast where the bass has been vibrating my walls, fixtures, and distorted enough that I feel like I’m literally in a dance club and my ears ring each time the song changes (which is not often if you know techno). They are now whoo-hoo’ing and hey-ho’ing.”

“HELP! I think this guy is a renter too… I just don’t want to get into this horrible situation where he’s just going to get vengeful. I just want him to keep the music at a tolerable level. Even at 2:30 am on new year’s day … (ok, he had his music from 8 to now at this full blast–it’s enough!)”

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