Landlord and her restaurant (Drama Cafe) to avoid

The conditions in the building at 341 5th Avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, a building owned by Sonia Santos, are horrible. Mountains of garbage. Heat and hot water out for days at a time regularly. Hallways filthy. Leaks. Roaches. Rodents. You name it, they’ve got it! I am NOT exaggerating! And on top of all that… constant harrassment and threats from Sonia Santos and her associates. All these conditions also apply to the basement where the food for the Drama Cafe is stored. You should definitely not rent from this landlord if you are looking. And I would think twice before eating in the Drama Cafe, even putting aside the fact that you would be giving your money to a slumlord. There is at least one other building owned by Sonia Santos, at 451 State Street, and conditions there are the same.

I’ve started a blog (Sonia Santos Bad Landlord) to pool the resources of all of those who have suffered or are suffering under this landlord. The tenants at 341 5th avenue are already working together, and also working together with former tenants who are facing court dates because they chose to break their leases and move rather than suffer any longer. If you are familiar with this landlord, please comment, communicate & vent. Also feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]), so that we can all share information and stop this woman from making peoples lives hell.

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  1. Just an FYI: The Drama Cafe is open again. Only 2 violation points on most recent DOH inspection.

  2. It’s again closed for a while now… i never went in there but it looked pretty sad and un-inviting… maybe its the energy of the owner.

  3. So what happened? Did you get that landlord evicted from his own place? That’s too bad, I hate landlords like that. But it’s always the best if you can find one that you become friends with.

  4. I’ve been inside the building, the poor people who live there are suffering in a dilapidated building with broken ceilings, pipes missing segments, cupboards ripped off the walls and incompleted renovation projects leaving their apartments torn apart. There is often no heat or hot water, rats, roaches, piles of garbage in the building with rotting puddles of unknown substance. If the entire building is in such a state of decay, patrons should be thankful that the hellhole of a cafe is closed too…unless there’s some sort of exotic roach poop blend of coffee I dont know about. The landlord is an evil being who not only harrasses her tenants but their guests as well…they should make this woman live in her own filth and squaloras suitable punishment.

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