Gorgeous AKC Maltese puppies.

Maltese are very loving and very well socialized by myself and grand kids, we breed for good health, and good personality. No line or inner breeding. My pups love kids.Gorgeous AKC Maltese puppies. Champion sired/lines, bred for quality. Baby doll faces, silky coats, home-raised with sweet temperaments

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  1. Do you know how many millions of healthy animals are killed every year in shelters because of animal overpopulation? Can you please promote adopting dogs for FREE from shelters, and spaying & nuetering pets instead? Thanks

  2. I don’t know. My ‘no ads’ policy is pretty clear. Funny enough, the advertiser didn’t leave any contact info. I think I’ll leave this up on the blog for a while as an example…

  3. Not to offend.. But you are misguided if you leave this ad up. I live with 2 Mats.. I am an advocate of the breed and I work in Rescue… Do not leave this up.. It represents why the problem can’t be solved.. There is money to be made in haphazard breeding and if you leave this ad up.. inadvertently.. you are promoting it..

  4. It’s true – there are many great pups in rescues and shelters. Even Maltese.

    Did these people ever write back? There is a general scam as well – where the perpetrator doesn’t even have real pups – they just get your money for the shipping and handling and you never hear from them again.

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