Lost Italian Greyhound

Hi all-
If any of you have any information about the following situation
please contact the owner. Her contact information is below.

From Gracie’s mom:

We lost our dog on Sunday 7/15/07 in the vicinity of Lenox &
Flatbush, Brooklyn NY. She is an Italian Greyhound, she answers to
the name GRACIE. She is small to medium size, brown top color and
white lower coat.
Gracie is vey shy, afraid of people and noise.

Keeping you informed, I went to Brooklyn this last Sat. & Sun
searching the streets, put up flyers in the areas of 13th st, 7th
and 8th Ave, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. I posted more flyers at the
entrance to the Prospect park. Inside the park, I posted flyers by
the Dog Beach, along the fence leading into the open areas (I was
told that is where dogs can be off leash). I came to see the Park
Officer asking them not to take the flyers down. I learned that I
have to obtain authorization from the park or Fido group in order to
post the flyer. I did called the Park Administrator, Major Grant on

The latest update is the person who found the Italian Greyhound on
7/16/07, named Maria, has already given the found dog to a person
named “Kevin”. Maria knows “Kevin” from her old neighborhood, in
Park Slope, when she was living on 13th st. between 7th & 8th Ave.
She met him again on the morning of 7/16/07, while he was on his way
to Brooklyn college. Kevin helped Maria got the dog out from inside
the church’s fence. Both of them took the dog to the Vet on 1905
Flatbush, Dr. Lanceman. Since Maria already has 2-3 dogs, she can’t
keep the found dog, the agreement was that she will pay for the
service bill and Kevin will take care of the dog. Kevin loves the
dog that Maria found, came back later that day (or the next day) and
took the dog. Maria does not know Kevin’s Last name and did not ask
for Kevin contact number. She did gave Kevin her business card and
said to call her if Kevin and his wife need any help with the dog.

Per Maria, Kevin is still living in the Park Slope, in the area
where Maria used to live (13th st, b/t 7th & 8th Ave.). She believes
that Kevin will bring Gracie to the park, that if I look there, I
will eventually see Kevin. Also per Maria, Kevin is about 30 yrs
old, an African American young man. Kevin sometimes wears a “durag /
bandana” on his head. The day that Kevin and Maria went to the
Flatbush Vet office, they were seen by another young woman, who
brought her dog to see the vet. This woman is Jessica, she is the
one that saw the flyers I posted in the Prospect park and alerted me
that an IG looks just like Gracie was brought in to Dr. Lanceman
office on Monday 7/16/07 at 11:30 AM.

As I might have already mentioned to you, I called the Vet office,
talked to Natasha, who works there to see Gracie picture posted on
www.hellobrooklyn. com, Natasha took one look and said, that’s the
dog. In my heart, I know it’s my beloved Gracie. How else, that 2
identical Italian Greyhound dogs were lost and found a day apart in
the same vicinity, same color, same weight, same sex.

Dr. Lanceman was not very eagerly to help. He confirmed that the dog
that was brought in in the morning of 7/16/07 was an Italian
Greyhound, but he said, he had seen 72 more dogs since, thus he can
not provide anymore details. He doesn’t want to receive anymore
calls about this lost dog. He said I need to talk to Maria on this.
I eventually found where Maria live and came to see her. But I could
not get any other information besides the dog that she found was
given to Kevin, and that she does not have his contact information.

Help me to bring my Gracie home. I thank you with all my heart.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Best Regards,
Theresa.Hoang@ smiths-aerospace .com
Call Theresa: (908) 433-6401, (732) 317-2143.

5 thoughts on “Lost Italian Greyhound

  1. victoria

    I don’t get how so many people always lose their dogs. I hope those people don’t have any small kids also.

  2. Cassandra Chappina

    I’m sure you feel sad enough without someone else making comments to make you feel worse. Things happen and they’re not always in your control. I hope you can bring that dog home safe and soon!

  3. Sympathetic

    if people were slightly educated on that fact that IG’s are notorious escape artists maybe they wouldn’t leave mean comments to such a devoted dog owner who is clearly distraught over the lost of her little baby–I hope you find your little girl soon!

  4. Donna

    My name is Donna i live in upstate N.Y near albany . i have just rescued a italian female greyhound from a kill shelter. she is brown and has a white chest she has a white blaze on her forehead.
    she is so sweet i just could not let her be put down i got her on friday the 13th it was the last day before the vet was going to put her down .i am not sure how long she was at the shelter.
    I know this is a long shot (due to distance ) it probably is not your dog but i read your add and the color matched . i tried looking on the site http://www.hellobrooklyn. com you said her photo would be on but could not seem to find her photo. This dog is not spayed (according to the vet) i am not sure if your dog was,
    anyway if you think this may be your dog please e-mail me a photo. Or if you do not find your dog if you would be interested in this greyhound please e-mail me. she is very sweet i would like to find her a loving home
    Thank You,
    Donna Barrows


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