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GOODBYE GREENERY? City Revokes Permits for Union Street Planters

According to nkotsonis, posting on the Park Slope Forum | Message Boards:

“The city, in its infinite wisdom, has revoked the permits we had for the planters along Union Street. They have given us 30 days to remove the concrete planters.”

“The reason they gave was that there must be no obstructions on city property. Since the sidewalks are owned by the city, we must remove the planters that have been there for over 25 years.
So in 30 days, the planters from BHS all the way to Tasti-d-Lite and the bench will be removed. The planters across the street at 92-7th Avenue will also have to be removed, because they were on the same permit.

“So say goodbye to the planters from Bank of America down to NuNu Gallery. If anyone knows how to stop this, please do so. It’s a shame that there will be no plant life allowed on these corners.”

Find out more, and comment: City has revoked our permits (link)

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ODD FRAUD: Rash of Fake $20s Surface at Local Stoop Sales

Over the past few weekends, people holding stoop sales have been burned by a guy (or these guys) passing fake bills, according to posters on the Brooklynian message board (see this thread for details: stoop sale counterfeit $ scam– beware)
The first report was by spec* in Prospect Heights: “a few folks had a stoop sale today on the corner of park and vanderbilt. turns out when one of us tried to use some of the $, she learned we had been given two fairly undetectable counterfeit 20$ bills in the sale– and given back the counterfeiter 15-18$ in change on two separate occasions…”

Click the link for descriptions of the counterfeit bills (and bill passers): stoop sale counterfeit $ scam– beware Comments (11)

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Brooklyn Burger Bar: Still Closed (Again)

Nuclear Redaction
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I walked by the Burger Bar today and it looked like they had pulled a bunch of the big pieces of kitchen equipment (grill, grease traps, etc.) out onto the sidewalk. That must have been some health inspection.

How is the food, anyway?


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My kids and I enjoyed it, the one night we were there. But my little one (who is 9) was just after a milkshake in a GIANT FISHBOWL – the burgers were secondary to her. I was too caught up in her delight at the mutant milkshake to have an objective opinion.

LINK for further posts and comments: brooklyn burger bar closed again

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Moped Gangs in Park Slope

Nuclear Redaction

Was walking up 9th Street today when a freakin’ MOPED GANG came up the street.

Must’ve been about 40 of ’em, headed for the park. Sounded like a swarm of angry bees.

Scary, I tells ya.

Also spotted crossing Flatbush – possibly headed to the scooter shop in Gowanus for some kind of rally/throwdown . . .

Read more and comment: “The Wild One,” Park Slope style (Link)
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