ODD FRAUD: Rash of Fake $20s Surface at Local Stoop Sales

Over the past few weekends, people holding stoop sales have been burned by a guy (or these guys) passing fake bills, according to posters on the Brooklynian message board (see this thread for details: stoop sale counterfeit $ scam– beware)
The first report was by spec* in Prospect Heights: “a few folks had a stoop sale today on the corner of park and vanderbilt. turns out when one of us tried to use some of the $, she learned we had been given two fairly undetectable counterfeit 20$ bills in the sale– and given back the counterfeiter 15-18$ in change on two separate occasions…”

Click the link for descriptions of the counterfeit bills (and bill passers): stoop sale counterfeit $ scam– beware Comments (11)

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3 Replies to “ODD FRAUD: Rash of Fake $20s Surface at Local Stoop Sales”

  1. He has moved on to retailers! I know the guy your talking about. He has passed probably 120.00 in conterfeit bills(not to mention the real money given back) at my store Orange Blossom.
    So lets just say last saturday was not a good day for me(I wasn’t working).
    He came in with a woman and they pretty much harrass the girl that was working. I have him on video and I filed a report with the police after he came back on Sunday.
    I was really scared alone in my shop with him.
    Courtney Helm

  2. At garage sales, since this is happening, never take twenties. The bottom line is that you get your best bargains at garage sales. Most serious, innocent buyers know that sellers like smaller bills and will not be upset when you do not accept their twenties. You can “hold” the item for twenty minutes while they go and get change, then everyone is happy. That is just a thought.

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