Long Time Employee Let Go from Connecticut Muffin

According to a report on Brooklynian.com, Connecticut Muffin recently let go one of their most liked employees: Armando, who was an employee at Connecticut Muffin for 11 years! According to people posting on Brooklynian site, he was let go after he disagreed with some changes the café made. The posters say the changes have resulted in less than helpful employees and longer waits. Ashley Faye is a former employee of Connecticut Muffin and had this to say about the changes, “I am also a former employee of The Muff, I was also discarded along with Armando.” Faye continued to say, “The abrupt discharge truly upset him and he was absolutely not ready for it.”

Armando was a throwback to “great service with a smile.” The neighborhood is rallying to get in touch with Armando to help find him a position at another café that would be lucky to have him. Join the discussion at Brooklynian.com.

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