5th Ave. Eyesore Getting a Facelift

5th Avenue in Park Slope has one last remnant of a time when the area was run down. The decrepit building on 5th Ave. between 6th and 7th streets is finally getting a facelift. HeresParkSlope.com reports, “the owner, Chiu-Kun Wu, realized that he could make a lot more money by fixing up the decrepit building than by letting it slowly rot.” Wu has already initiated the renovation process starting with the building being gutted. The building’s “ground-floor space is being prepped for a retail tenant” reports Brownstoner.com. The renovation of this property will bring another business to flourish in the area and finally get rid of 5th Avenue’s last decaying building.

A simple renovation may not be enough to bring this building back to life. Members of the local community have posted their goodbyes on Brooklynian.com. Mamacita wrote, “It already has a X marked on it.” She continued by commenting, “No amount of gutting alone can make a structurally unsound building ready for a simple prep-and-rent situation.” While the renovation process may take longer than anticipated, Park Slope residents can rejoice in the fact there will be one less decaying building in the neighborhood.

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