Brooklyn College Students Have a Hard Time Finding Cheap Apartments

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Brooklyn has grown to be a cultural and (to a lesser extent) academic hotspot. Students who attend Brooklyn College tend to live in Brooklyn while attending school, since Brooklyn provides most everything a college student needs — from mass transportation that easily gets students from their apartment to school, to neighborhood bars and restaurants to blow off steam. The only problem is the difficulty in finding living arrangements that won’t drain your wallet.

A college student reported on CollegeProwler that the off campus housing at Brooklyn College “is very expensive … I wish they had some sort of student discount or financial aid.” Some 23% of Brooklyn College students reported that high prices and/or limited choices kept them on campus. Other students have found that living a little further off campus provides more choices at lower costs; the neighborhoods may not be as safe, but the rent is cheap, and mass transportation brings them right to school. Whether a student chooses to live off campus in a student run building or a little farther off campus, having apartment insurance may protecting their personal property from theft, fire or other catastrophe. For example, replacing a stolen laptop out of pocket isn’t in every college student’s means, which is where an apartment insurance policy comes in handy. The average policy in Brooklyn i $17 a month.

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