Am I the only person who hates the store circulars that litter our stoops!?

It’s Wednesday again – the day that mountains of store circulars, or as I like to call it, corporate litter, are tossed onto our stoops to simply sit there in ever-growing, moldering piles until they are thrown away by the most disgruntled neat freak in the building (yours truly.) Is there any way to stop this?? Our block looks like a total junkyard after the Trash Fairy comes by. I have no idea who actually wants these things, so maybe we can get it outlawed – like telemarketing. The circulars are sponsored by Lowe’s, Pathmark, Fairway, Home Depot, Pathmark and Duane Reade – all companies that can afford real advertising. I realize this may not be the most pressing political issues facing our nation at this time, but man, is it ever annoying!!

I personally will not shop an anyplace that sponsors this trash.