Am I the only person who hates the store circulars that litter our stoops!?

It’s Wednesday again – the day that mountains of store circulars, or as I like to call it, corporate litter, are tossed onto our stoops to simply sit there in ever-growing, moldering piles until they are thrown away by the most disgruntled neat freak in the building (yours truly.) Is there any way to stop this?? Our block looks like a total junkyard after the Trash Fairy comes by. I have no idea who actually wants these things, so maybe we can get it outlawed – like telemarketing. The circulars are sponsored by Lowe’s, Pathmark, Fairway, Home Depot, Pathmark and Duane Reade – all companies that can afford real advertising. I realize this may not be the most pressing political issues facing our nation at this time, but man, is it ever annoying!!

I personally will not shop an anyplace that sponsors this trash.

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  1. Sometimes even a boycott is futile … since many of these stores don’t even have outlets in the area. I get them for Kohl’s, which may have a store somewhere in Staten Island??

    Why don’t they ever get nailed for littering? I don’t have a stoop, they just toss them on the sidewalk in front of my door.

  2. I agree, boycotts are pretty futile, but I am going to contact our city councilman Bill de Blasio about this and complain. I can’t believe it’s legal to litter on this scale. His info below in case anyone else would like to take action on this.

    Bill de Blasio
    2907 Fort Hamilton Parkway
    Brooklyn, NY 11218
    [email protected]

  3. I have always wanted to save up the fliers and then DUMP THEM at the stores that have paid for it. The hardest part is finding the company that actually sends the people out.
    I have asked so many times to have them leave one not three at houses that are clearly one family, etc. They don’t care. Their just trying to empty their carts.
    Go to de Blasio.

  4. Circulars should be returned en masse to the stores that sent them. The only function in addition to tipping off thieves that you’re not at home is to provide jobs for the distributors. Bllomberg this is a quality of life issue.

  5. I just called the Kohl’s in Brooklyn and they gave me an 800 number to call. When I asked if I was being referred to a corporate office, I was told that they were giving me the number they were told to give to people who called to complain about the circulars. The number is 800-228-9040. I tried to determine if the distribution company I ended up getting was responsible for any circulars other than Kohl’s but they wouldn’t confirm any other companies as I had called to complain about Kohl’s. I was asked for my name and address and told that the circular deliveries should stop in a few weeks. We’ll see if it works.

  6. In a fit of pique, I called 311 today about this issue. Not 20 mins later, two very friendly cops from the 78th pct ring my bell and we have a nice, if futile conversation about the issue. I think it is clearly littering, and the only way to ensure that it gets resolved is to pester Bill de Blasio about it.

    Is anyone interested in putting together a petition to present to him? I will certainly do it on my block.

  7. I support and would get involved with a petition. Every eve of recycling day, I spend 1 hr outside unleashing and sorting soggy mounds of newsprint from peed on plastic baggies. Who else is in and how do we organize?

    Next on my list of peeves to resolve:
    shabby mail service in 11215; and
    swarms of warm weather mosquitoes in center slope making it impossible to enjoy a garden apt.

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