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Bidding Wars on Rentals: Since When?


“Alexis and I spent the better part of this weekend snooping around new neighborhoods …. We began the day visiting an open house in Park Slope– a beautiful 2BR brownstone floor through, nicely renovated with a great kitchen. The price was right, but when we got there, we realized that swarms of people had visited and that there would most likely be a rent bidding war. A bit crestfallen, we walked on, hitting South Slope/Greenwood Heights (is that really a neighborhood?) and Prospect Heights on Saturday, then the Gowanus area, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens on Sunday.”

“End Result: Nothing is really available over this Labor Day stretch. Furthermore, since when do bidding wars happen with RENTALS?”

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Monday Night Sex (on a Filthy Mattress the Neighbor Girl Threw Out)

Warning! This link is not safe for work. Or kids. Or anybody, really.

Via Gawker

“This is, to the best of our knowledge, for real, and it happened earlier this week in Prospect Heights Park Slope.

>>From: XXXX
>>Subject: For your “Only in New York” files. (Warning: nudity)
>>To: XXXX
>> Hey all…
>>OK, so it’s 2:30 a.m. on a Monday night, and right outside
>>my window, on the public street below, in front of God and
>>everybody are a man and a woman going to town on a dirty,
>>stained mattress the neighbor girl threw out earlier that
>>morning!!! Imagine!
>> …
>>Now, the question begs: Who’s the bigger pervert, the couple
>>bumping uglies on a dirty mattress in the middle of a public
>>sidewalk, or me for taking pictures?

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“Real” Rules for Picnics in Prospect Park

birthday girl

Originally uploaded by catpita.

Over on “There are really two sets of rules for picnics in Prospect Park, the formal rules and the informal rules.”

“Formal rules say permits are required for parties of 25 or more, no alcohol is allowed, and tables are first come, first serve.”

“The informal rules say permits are only required if you’re a monstrous family reunion or church group, alcohol is fine as long as you pour it into plastic Solo cups, and ‘first come first serve’ means ‘get there by 7 a.m.'”

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Park Slope Food Co-op: “Please Don’t Paw the Persimmons”

From the New York Sun via Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn: “The Park Slope Food Co-Op is thought by many to be a terrifying place, a netherworld of rules and suspensions and withering stares if you forget to bring your own biodegradable shopping bag. The one time I’d gone there, as somebody’s guest, when I reached out to pick up a persimmon only to be scolded by a dutiful member, who must have been following me through the aisles the whole time. “Excuse me,” she said. “Guests aren’t allowed to handle the produce.”

Richard, leader of a recent Sunday afternoon orientation session, was so determined to present the Co-Op’s gentler side that he had set up a table with organic treats such as carrots and humus and peach nectar for 30 prospective members. Before getting into anything as off-putting as regulations or free-range ethics, he started off the meeting by telling us how much the Co-Op has improved his life. “My ingestion has really changed,” he said. “I’m juicing now!” Read the full text of this article…

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APARTMENT FOR RENT: Park Slope, 1BR, Available Sept. 1

One bedroom (with smaller additional room for office, etc.) floor thru (3rd Fl.) in a really nice brownstone; 1st St. btw 5th and 6th
High ceilings, great closets, dishwasher; Very good condition
Rent: $1,625 / month; No fee, one month security

“Owner indicates that he prefers a single person or couple, as the layout generally does not work in a roommate type situation.” More info: Park Slope Message Boards

The Mighty Wind of Meat (El Carneviento) on Flatbush Avenue

el castillo de jagua-tn.jpgPeople of North Slope: What is it that unites us as a neighborhood? Our sense of community? Our desire for racial harmony and sensible development? Or the fact that we all, at one time or another, are subjected to the mighty, meaty wind emanating from El Castillo de Jagua outside of the Q station on Flatbush Avenue?

Public opinion is deeply divided on the merits of the meat vent. According to a recent poll, 32% of Prospect Heights residents find the greasy blast “disgusting” (sample quote: “I hate walking around that corner and getting a blast in the face of The Fried Wind….”). However, 27% “love it”, and another 27% “actually kind of like it.” Muk says: “Sometimes I stand directly in front of the meat fan for 10 minutes and then run around the neighborhood being chased by stray dogs… I am very lonely man.”

Muk also proposes that this meat wind should get its own proper noun: “As a nod to the cuisine and the people of El Gran Castillo, I think it should be called (drum roll)… El Carneviento – crudely translates to The Meatwind. Pronounced ‘Car-nay-bee-yen-toe’.”

USAGE: “I thought El Niño was bad until I moved to Prospect Heights and was blown down Flatbush Ave. by El Carneviento.

If you’ve never experienced it firsthand, the thick and greasy impact of El Carneviento may be hard to imagine. But since a picture is worth a thousand whiffs, you can click the thumbnail below for a gigantic image showing the congealed grease that has accumulated over years of continuous blowing.

MEAT VENT-tn.jpg

Carnivore comments: “That is truly a glorious sight… The combined essence of thousands of pork shoulders and chickens… It’s almost religious!”

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