Park Slope Food Co-op: “Please Don’t Paw the Persimmons”

From the New York Sun via Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn: “The Park Slope Food Co-Op is thought by many to be a terrifying place, a netherworld of rules and suspensions and withering stares if you forget to bring your own biodegradable shopping bag. The one time I’d gone there, as somebody’s guest, when I reached out to pick up a persimmon only to be scolded by a dutiful member, who must have been following me through the aisles the whole time. “Excuse me,” she said. “Guests aren’t allowed to handle the produce.”

Richard, leader of a recent Sunday afternoon orientation session, was so determined to present the Co-Op’s gentler side that he had set up a table with organic treats such as carrots and humus and peach nectar for 30 prospective members. Before getting into anything as off-putting as regulations or free-range ethics, he started off the meeting by telling us how much the Co-Op has improved his life. “My ingestion has really changed,” he said. “I’m juicing now!” Read the full text of this article…

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