Monday Night Sex (on a Filthy Mattress the Neighbor Girl Threw Out)

Warning! This link is not safe for work. Or kids. Or anybody, really.

Via Gawker

“This is, to the best of our knowledge, for real, and it happened earlier this week in Prospect Heights Park Slope.

>>From: XXXX
>>Subject: For your “Only in New York” files. (Warning: nudity)
>>To: XXXX
>> Hey all…
>>OK, so it’s 2:30 a.m. on a Monday night, and right outside
>>my window, on the public street below, in front of God and
>>everybody are a man and a woman going to town on a dirty,
>>stained mattress the neighbor girl threw out earlier that
>>morning!!! Imagine!
>> …
>>Now, the question begs: Who’s the bigger pervert, the couple
>>bumping uglies on a dirty mattress in the middle of a public
>>sidewalk, or me for taking pictures?

Click here to view the picture. And comment. And vote in the Daily Heights poll.

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