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Evelyn and Everett Ortner’s Brownstone was just listed for sale

The Everett and Evelyn Ortner House

The Everett and Evelyn Ortner House; Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

The open house at 272 Berkeley Place at 2:00 pm this Sunday should draw a large crowd. This is the house where the late Evelyn and Everett Ortner hosted receptions and dinners in their elegant Victorian parlor floor, as part of their efforts to entice young couples to purchase brownstones in Park Slope and Brooklyn’s other historic neighborhoods (and to encourage bankers to mortgage these properties).

Link: 272 Berkeley Place #0

The Ortners also were responsible for having a significant portion of Park Slope declared one of New York City’s first Historic Districts. Thanks in large part to their unflagging efforts, Park Slope was transformed from a neighborhood in decline to the viable community that it is today.

The Ortner’s four-story brownstone, which is the building to the right of the large brick and granite mansion, has a three story extension. It would make a nice spacious one- or two-family home.

Thanks to JJC for the tip!

Bike Thief in Park Slope

ringrunner writes:

bike_thief_park_slopeI left my bike unlocked. It is gone but I got photos of the guy who took it. He spent 30 days in the big house.



mamacita writes:

PSA: Just stopped some punk kid from ripping off a bike. If you have yours parked on the street be sure to lock it up tight! I yelled at them and they ran away. Off 5th ave, not far from Barkley’s Center

Read more:
Lock Your Bikes []

The Walk-In Cookbook is a Store That Sells Groceries by the Recipe

Q&A with Filip Nuytemans, co-owner of the Walk-In Cookbook


Q: How is this different from a regular grocery?
We’re a specialty food store that sells groceries by the recipe. You can buy pre-portioned ingredients and cook them at home. Each recipe comes with a detailed instruction card that shows how to cook the meal step by step. The gist is: walk in, cook out.
This encourages people to cook by making it easy. It also cuts down on waste. Take cilantro, for example. You don’t have to buy a bouquet of cilantro to cook one meal, then have the rest wilt and go bad in the next few days. We sell just the right amount so you can cook a meal without much preparation or thought.
Q: Why Park Slope?
People around here are into food, just like us. Parents can buy meals to cook with their kids. Kids can cook for their parents. Couples can cook for themselves. We wanted to make cooking exciting–kind of an event to look forward to.
Q: Will you do delivery?
Once our website is fully functional, we’ll offer a subscription service that delivers meals to your doorstep every week. For $60 dollars, you would get three meals for two people. We will also do delivery services outside the subscription service, and recipes for larger cooking parties.
Q: Will the menu change over time?
We are looking to keep our recipes fresh and creative, changing them seasonally, in observance of certain holidays, and so forth. Currently we offer three vegetarian dishes, but we’d like to offer more.

Meet Sydney Frumkin, Park Slope’s Most Famous Jewish Bullfighter, Ever

The famous bullfighter who came from Park Slope « Ephemeral New York

This matador is Sidney Frumkin, born in 1903 on Jackson Place off 16th Street near Seventh Avenue. It seems that at the age of 19, Frumkin took off for Mexico after a fight with his police officer father, and on a whim, he looked up a famous matador and asked him how to wave the red cape.

Under the name Sidney Franklin, Frumkin wowed the crowd in Mexico City in 1923–his first ever fight. Over time, he became one of the top matadors worldwide and had a number of famous fans, including Ernest Hemingway.

”No history of bullfighting that is ever written can be complete unless it gives him the space he is entitled to,” Hemingway wrote.

-via The famous bullfighter who came from Park Slope « Ephemeral New York.

Rotting Trees Dumped in the Lake in Prospect Park


Anne-Katrin Titze writes:  “Not a healthy lakeside environment – The danger of becoming entangled in snagged fishing lines and barbed hooks has increased ten-fold for all wildlife, including egrets, herons, hawks, gulls, waterfowl, turtles, and other creatures large and small that inhabit the lake.”

“This is harming the wildlife habitat and clearly shows the lack of commitment of resources for years. The ongoing erosion and disrepair of the stone bank at many locations around the watercourse has weakened the trees.”

More of a write-up via Wood chucked — into lake! City turns Prospect Park waterway a lumber dumpster • The Brooklyn Paper:

“The city axed more than half a dozen tree houses in Prospect Park in an attempt to save a delicate lakeside ecosystem — but then tossed the lumber into the water, creating a whole new environmental no-no…”

Slow Zones Save Lives and Don’t Dump Traffic on Other Neighborhoods

slow zones in london

Streetsblog New York City highlights a The Brooklyn Paper’s “trademark neighbor-vs.-neighbor” story on the public workshop talking about the potential 20 mph zone in Park Slope. The y quoted “Greenwood Heights activists”  who apparently fear the Park Slope slow zone would dump unsafe traffic on Greenwood Heights. In fact, when London adopted 20 mph slow zones, traffic-related casualties went down, both in slow zones and immediately adjacent to the zones, adn there was no increase in casualties outside the slow zones (that is to say, no “casualty migration” that activists might fear).

-via Slow Zones Will Save Your Life, and Will NOT Dump Traffic in Your NIMBY Backyard » Brooklynian.

Park Slope Townhouse on Third Street Lists for $4 Million

This six-bedroom, limestone-fronted townhouse, built in 1909 by E. Carlson, is on the market for $4 million. That beats the $3.75 million asking price for the Park Slope townhouse put on the market by J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons. Compared with Lyons’ townhouse, this townhouse is one block closer to Prospect Park, and right around the corner from John Jay High School. In addition to six bedrooms, it’s got 3.5 baths, a 20-foot front, and an adaptable floor plan, according to Curbed. Thanks to an extensive renovation, there’s central air and a large media room in the basement, renovated kitchen, and two terraces.

Check out the photo gallery and floor plan: A Classy Park Slope Townhouse Sure to Spark Controversy – On the Market – Curbed NY.

Tea Lounge Censored Nipples on Artwork with Canvas Strips

Tea Lounge Breeders - Parents and Kids

So the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, a hangout where breast-feeding is a common site, has been censoring some artwork depicting nipples. They used canvas strips to cover the nipples, apparently due to concern and/or complaints that the art was inappropriate for children coming into the cafe.

Some customers were “puzzled and occasionally offended” by the nude paintings. But now, the canvas has been removed. What’s going on over there?

via Cafe’s Modesty Is Offensive to Some – which is hiding the article behind an evil paywall (sorry).

Park Slope Now Has a Barbecue District: Reno Provisions and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur Barbecue Park Slope BrooklynHow quickly things change. Earlier this week, Reno Provisions was going to be Park Slope’s first full-fledged barbecue joint. Now, Eater NY reports that the New York chain Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is moving in on the same block as Reno Provisions.

Dinosaur, which you may have seen on Food Network or Travel Channel already, won #1 BBQ on Good Morning America, and they even have their own cookbook: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: An American Roadhouse.

Fifth Avenue in Park Slope is Supersaturated with More than 150 Bars and Restaurants

Bareburger Organic Burgers on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope - 5th Ave
Remember when there was little reason to go out on 5th Ave., unless it was to go to Aunt Suzie’s? Well, now Aunt Suzie’s is closed, and there are dozens clamoring to take its place. WSJ reports that a 31-block span of Fifth Avenue has about 150 restaurants and bars commanding rents up to $60 a square foot.

Today 5th Avenue is “restaurant row” subject to a high amount of business “churn” – consider that Uncle Moe’s burrito shop, Perch Cafe, and Sette Enoteca e Cucina, have also shut down recently. Yet as quick as restaurants close, “spaces are being snapped up by new establishments betting a fresh approach can succeed where predecessors flagged,” according to WSJ.

Examples include Kaffe Roasting House, and the planned Dizzy’s Diner going in where Comida Mercado Fresco used to be.