Rare Device

designsponge-raredevice.jpgDesign Sponge reports on Rare Device, a new design boutique opened by Rena Tom, a jewelry designer, on 7th Ave. between 15th and 16th Sts.

Design Sponge’s picks include “cards from one good bumblebee, jezebel and pancake and franks, j mendicino pottery, tonfisk designs, sharon spain anything, paperdolls creations, and ona’s beautiful tea bowls.”

Rare Device Review: Design Sponge

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2 Replies to “Rare Device”

  1. I’m beginning to think that designsponge’s grace is a financial partner in Rare Device.

    She writes about them at least 3 times a week and it often feels forced.

    No big deal other than the blog is supposed to be objective and the frequent mentions are starting to feel manipulative.

  2. hi,

    im assuming this is the same guy (or girl) who emails me all the time about this.

    first, do you ever count how many times i write about OTHER sites per week? if that really meant i was in business with people i’d be in business with velocity, 2modern, unica home, elsewares and many many many others whom i comment on frequently. like any other human being, i have sites, stores and designers who are personal favorites, and rena’s store and rena happen to be one of them.

    really, just because i occasionally post about rena, why the heck do you think i’m in business with her? she’s my friend, seriously, you’re gonna have to get over it. or just stop reading the site. really, no one’s making you read it.

    you seem to have blinders on to the rest of the site. i write over 50 posts a week and if 3 (which is very rare by the way) are about rena it hardly indicates that i’m in business with her.


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