More Hating on the Park Slope Food Co-op

The Park Slope Food Co-op is quite a high-profile target these days. On Gothamist, Phoebe Maltz claims that it is “taboo to insult the Park Slope Food Co-op. Even if you are not a member, you are supposed to understand that joining is both a good deal and—more importantly—a progressive act.”

“I happen to believe it is neither, and have already made this semi-public by writing about it on my semi-read blog. If revealing this to a larger audience means I will be banished to, say, a townhouse in the West Village, so be it.” Read more…

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2 Replies to “More Hating on the Park Slope Food Co-op”

  1. Where in the hell do they find those workers at Key Foods Grocery Store on 7 th?! They suck in the worst way. Rude, annoyed, angry, hostile, lazy, and can’t count money for anything. That place is so poorly managed. I always check the expiration date on the food too. I go there when I absolutely have to.

  2. If the food coop is non-profit, then how were they able to afford buying the old Klien’s carpeting building for 3 million dollars and the extensive renovation work that they did in the building? Don’t kid yourselves, they’re making alot of money off the backs of their members.

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