Best Brooklyn Blogs of 2005

The Hanged Man

Originally uploaded by Dope on the Slope.

Up over at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.

“Best name for a Brooklyn Blog” goes to Dope on the Slope, who recently snapped this picture of The Hanged Man, an “odd illusion (I hope) at the intersection of Union and Prospect Park West.”

Other winners include Brownstoner and Curbed, which of course need no introduction; Aaron Naparstek, who is unstoppable, even by bollards; Dope and A Brooklyn Life both have an incredible eye and we can only hope they double their Brooklyn blogging efforts in 2006. Callalillie needs an agent, right now, if she doesn’t already have one, and F Train has been impressive for a long while. B61 Productions really “gets it” and we really hope for big things from that site 2006. Etc…

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