Famed Costas bust goes missing

Distaster strikes the Slope. Our embedded correspondents report that the famed Costas statue (featured below) was removed – or stolen – last night. We’re led to believe it was theft by the rather unceremonious, gaping hole left in the ground . Photos of the scene to follow…

Time Out New York‘s Darren D’Addario proves to be a more intrepid journalist than your correspondent. He goes straight to the source, property owner Barbara Capozzi, who says “A man named Costas did work on my building and he left it there as a gift. I was surprised to see it there myself.” Asked if the bust will remain, she replies “I’ll probably move it out to a house I have on Long Island. But it’s a delicate situation, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

We’ll miss ya, Costas.

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  1. It wasn’t stolen….you might want to look at yesterday’s edition of curbed.com, which reported that it was left by a contractor and that the property owner, a chiropractor who practices in the building, planned to move it to her country home.

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