Another Electrocution: How Many Dogs Will Die? Are Your Children Next?

moufaisbad writes: “It has been happening a lot all around the city… My gf had to call 911 the other day for a woman and her dog who got shocked. so really, this warning is for everyone not even just people with dogs. That dog could have been a toddler… Con Ed is doing work over on Underhill near Park(ish). I am staying away from metal as much as possible until the ground dries out.”

stacey writes: “The scariest part is that it was NOT on a piece of metal – it was on the sidewalk where a light post used to be. The snow seeped into the cracks on the sidewalk and that caused the electrocution.”

“I do have a question if it was a stroller wouldn’t the rubber wheels have deflected (not sure if that is the right work) the electricity?”

Discussion 1: Prospect Heights Message Boards

Ben writes: “… this wasn’t some little 10lb dog, it was as big as a small child. It easily could have been a child …

“This is the second dog killed by stray voltage in the past two months… I urge anyone with concerns to contact your local councilmen/women, community board leaders, Bloomberg, ConEd, and anyone else who will listen. This problem needs to be fixed ASAP before more dogs and even people are seriously injured or killed.”

Discussion 2: Park Slope Message Boards

LINK: Dog Electrocuted On Park Slope Sidewalk [WCBS-TV]
Broadband Video on NY1: Click here.

2 Replies to “Another Electrocution: How Many Dogs Will Die? Are Your Children Next?”

  1. Look, only a couple dogs have been killed by bad wires this year. i don’t know what is the fuss when many so more are killed by cars every day. as for the kids; you should keep them in your 500 dollar strollers until they get big enough to hack it if you are so concerned. this is a CITY after all. get tough or go back to the burbs.

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