1. When I was a boy, growing up in the ‘burbs, I always had a dog. Then along came school (and bartending all those late night hours to put myself through) and I love dogs way too much to keep one locked up in an apartment all day, so… I have a cat at home (a deaf stray I adopted) and dogs are always welcome in my wine shop, Red White & Bubbly. I keep a box of Iams biscuits behind the counter for them. I get to enjoy the company of my customers and their dogs.

  2. i was once bitten by a dog in a bar. i’m a dog lover, but that peticular dog was barking at customers the entire afternoon and while i was walking by to get to the mens room, the dog reached out and bit me. maybe having dogs in a bar isn’t something that should be left to public opinion but to each individual bar owner. maybe they feel their customers are more important, afterall, not everybody like the idea of dogs in a bar.

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