Bank scootin’ boogie in Park Slope

Oh, get down, turn around, go to town… What draws loserdom more than a grown man veering around on a Segway scooter? How about a man passing out promotional brochures for a Park Slope bank on his Segway scooter?

What sort of attention is the bank trying to garner?

Cheflady broke open the local case with her post on the Park Slope Message Board:“Those stand-up scooter things have moved to the neighborhood. A bank is using them to pass out fliers. Oh My.”

Full disclosure: The photo here isn’t local… it’s from yet another bank, in the DC area, that apparently has taken a similar promotional tack (This guy so loves his job!). I’m hoping our Park Slope Segway scootee was at least wearing a suit and tie… But, if you’re playing rock, paper, scissors with transit—the Segway trumps the Bug-a-boo every time.

Holler if you think Segways will have a longer shelf life than Slap Bracelets.

Contemplate two-wheeled transport on the PARK SLOPE MESSAGE BOARD

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