Chock Full o’Nuts on Seventh?

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn and Curbed are reporting that the former Cinematheque space on Seventh between Union and President is morphing into a new Chock Full o’Nuts store. To those of us who grew up in the Florida suburbs (and have been longing for a branch of Gorilla Coffee on Seventh), Chock Full o’Nuts is just cheap-looking coffee gathering dust on the grocery store shelf.

Is the new store a good thing? Bad? Discuss on the message boards.

One Reply to “Chock Full o’Nuts on Seventh?”

  1. Yes, its a very good thing. Bring back the “good old days” where you can
    go and have a good sandwich and a good cup of coffee – not like Starbucks astronomical prices for a cup of coffee.
    i used to go to chock full o’nuts with my mom, i miss that, i miss her.

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