Best Neighborhoods for Girl and Boy Watching

Some bright soul threw out a poll on where the best hoods are to see sexy people walking by. Brilliant. On looks alone, Williamsburg is pulling ahead. Way ahead. But Erikka doesn’t agree with the standings, adding “Williamsburg did nothing for me. Eye candy wise they were interesting but not always in a good way. The girls…well, all I could do was think about how bad their feet must smell from wearing cowboy boots in the summer and wondered why they looked like they were wearing Geranimals.”

Ouch. IMHO, the guys over there are always looking drunk and as if their converted loft doesn’t have a shower.

The Park Slope poll numbers are similiar to that of the Republicans running for the House…Rose says, “I agree about Park Slope. There are very few good-looking people over here. Though, I do think people over here are making more of an effort at basic hygiene and fashion than they used to. Ten years ago there were so many moms in the playground in mom jeans and awful wash-and-wear hair…”

Where do you think the boys are? the girls?
Tell us on the Slope boards.
Ah, surveillance.

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  1. Puh-lees! Where does one begin?

    Let’s x-link a-little … “sexy”, uh “sexy”? … that’s quite a daring adjective for this neighborhood!

    I find you picking up your precious pooch’s deposits on the park’s frost naped lawn pretty hot! Admittedly, I share this “hygiene” fixation.

    And please, don’t get me started on those who don’t separate their trash, really.

    Great Lakes/Commonwealth/Royale …
    I’m sure you can regale your kids with stories of shows you’ve been to currently on their iPod rotation … DKs, Butthole Surfers, Joy Division … She Wants Revenge, Brazilan Girls.

    This is a bedroom community collecting “fines”, “litter” and “bedbugs”.

    Who’s “sexy”? You are dear, just ask the nanny.

    Standing on the platform in the am, I see Jackies & Timboo, but leached of character. Don’t think of these as “institutions” about to be gladly displaced by the next drywall “luxury” condo, but respites from the drudge of existence just slightly ahead of their times.

    Oh, make sure to ask the kids with places financed by their folks about the wifi/”linksys” deal … hey, it’s a “perk” … every “cushion” helps.

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