City View Gardens

Ive read some dicey things about City View Gardens the condo development on 2nd st btw 4/5 aves but most of the information seems to come from the initial construction and first year of occupancy.  Does anyone know if all the problems (leaks etc.) that were initially found have been solved?


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  1. First year was difficult for some folks but issues (i.e.,leaks, which affected just a few units) that needed immediate attention have been taken care of. The project is now finished with nice results. Most new construction in all the NYC boros have problems which is why some folks wait to buy a unit thats a few years old. City View is no longer dicey but pricey and going up thanks in part to all the businesses around the area and lack of beautiful large condo apartments in the P.S 321!

  2. We are looking at a resale unit in City View Gardens…one of the duplexes. The price seems pretty steep for the neighborhood…but is it worth it?

  3. Hi Ellen,
    Are you looking at the $1.8mln unit. $2,500 sqft ?
    This would be $720/sqft which way higher than any other recent sales in the building or in the area, so yes it would be way overpriced.
    Recent sales have gone for about $600/sqft so $1.5mln would be a good price for it

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