First Date in Park Slope: Where to Go?

wexlerglazer (Newbie) asks on the Park Slope Message Board:

Any suggestions for where to meet someone for our first date?

I was thinking Bar Toto (on 6th Ave. @ 11th), as I’ve done that before. But I figured I’d open the question to everyone here…

Basically, I’m thinking a restaurant that’s somewhat moderately priced (no more than $15 or so per entree), quiet, and cozy.

How about:

1. Cocotte at 5th Ave. and 4th St.: Romantic (possibly too romantic?)

2. Chip Shop

3. Long Tan

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2 Replies to “First Date in Park Slope: Where to Go?”

  1. Bar Toto is closed. My fiance and I went on our first date to Cocotte. Yes, it’s too romantic. These days, I’d suggest Miriam for the right combination of datey but not too datey.

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