Wifi in Prospect Park: Still a Work in Progress?

Can you get a connection? Report it here. eKiteL has not had much luck:


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you’re not going to get the wifi from the picnic house outside of the park, just near the picnic house inside the park, it’s not park wide so you’re not going to get it just anywhere you happen to be across the street from any part of the park

anyway with such nice weather yesterday I went to give it a try and there was indeed a wifi network there to join, but I only got connected to the router, not actually connected to the internet, I’ve been having this problem in other places with my MacBook so I’m not sure if it was me or a problem with the router there

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  1. Is Prospect Park Wifi enabled and where in the park can one expect to connect?

  2. There should be WiFi service at the Picnic and Boathouse.
    Sometimes we’ve had problems with it. It’s in a Beta phase of launch.
    But soon there will be a more formal rollout of the service at those two locations.

    Stay tuned!

    – Eugene Patron
    Prospect Park

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